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Cover Reveal - Diving in Heart First

Love this cover, surf, sun, scuba diving, and suspense.

After several weeks of being investigated for possible involvement in stock manipulation crimes, Maddie Windsor is getting on with her life by taking a vacation on the island of Utila, the scuba diver’s Mecca. She is determined to achieve one of her fondest wishes–to pass her PADI scuba diving basic level.

It's daunting to tackle her first trip outside of North America, let alone navigating Honduras by herself, and arriving at the Utila Dive Lodge, luggage intact. So it's a good thing Maddie’s protective Dive Master in Vancouver, “knows a guy”. Deke Ellis is that guy, and is also bound for the dive lodge.

Except Deke was already volun-told to track Maddie by his boss, as a favour for the RCMP. Seven million dollars is missing and so is Alan Greenway, Maddie's ex-boyfriend. If Alan shows his face in Utila, Deke has to stay focused, even if he finds Maddie unbelievably tempting.

Available June 3, 2017

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